Dear Readers,

Like I said in my note I posted last night, I spent A LOT of time thinking about how I can turn this around and start using it in a positive way. I know that I can’t undo the evil in the world even though I would love to. I know I can’t stop children from being abused the way I was or ELIMINATE the sick people who do these things to these innocent kids. But what I can do is replace the light that they steal from these kids. I can replenish the spark that these people dull in their hearts and redirect them towards recovery WAY before I was ever given the opportunity to.

When you go through these things you tend to get stuck developmentally at whatever age these things happen. That could be either emotionally or psychologically or sometimes in extreme cases even physically. I had struggles my whole life with self confidence and being emotionally open with people because of my abuse. If I was able to fully open myself up emotionally to a person, that was extremely rare and it still sometimes affects my relationship with my fiance today because until these things are mended you have an automatic block. Sometimes those blocks are stronger at certain times than they are at others. One of my main goals in this is to push them passed that block so they don’t remain stuck at one stage developmentally for years and years and years.

So, I did research last night and found a nonprofit organization in my area, 20 minutes away from my house actually that specializes in helping other nonprofits get off the ground. She walked me through everything I need to do step by step. I need to come up with a three year budget, I need a purpose statement and a mission statement and I need to appoint people to my “board” of the foundation. Then once all of that is in place I need to file with the IRS and Secretary of State for all of the “nonprofit” eligibility stuff. I mainly reached out to them because yes, this kind of thing is “work of the heart” but it’s also a business and I have NO IDEA about the business aspect of anything. This is why I’m using them so they can kind of guide me in the right direction.

What I envision is exposing these kids to all different kinds of therapies. Art therapy, music therapy, dance therapy…that way they’re exposed to all different aspects of a therapeutic stand point. One type of therapy that works for one child may not work as well for another child. And I also thought, what better way to heal the mind, body and SOUL of these abused kids than to expose them to the arts that are expressions of the soul themselves? That’s why I think it’s important to expose them to as much as possible. As the day has been passing all these ideas keep popping up in my head as far as where we could go with this. Something that is going to be incorporated in the mission statement is healing the SOUL of these kids along with their emotional psychological and physical health. ALL components are equally important, that’s the way these things will be approached.

After I complete my “homework” I need to do before I can file with the IRS I’m going to speak with my supervisors. The two companies I work for do therapies of all different kinds and are big players as far as humanitarian resources in this area. I’m hoping I can talk with them and maybe they can either collaborate or we can kind of brain storm together, as far as how to fund all of these therapies. This concept is different than a lot of other organizations as far as what they do. Most other organizations do either donations of clothing or food or something like that. This is going to be centered around services so I’m going to reach out to companies in this area too and see if any of them would work with me at a reduced rate.

The woman that I’m going to be closely working with through this process was so sweet. She told me that my passion, compassion and drive for making this happen was heart warming and she can’t wait to start working with me on this. In my opinion, who better to orchestrate something like this than a person whose heart has experienced the kind of pain these poor babies are feeling? Let’s be honest here. Sexual predators are at an all time high and it’s close to becoming “epidemic” status because it happens SO OFTEN now. In my area alone, the numbers are staggering and that’s just the cases that are reported.

So it’s going to take a lot of hard work and determination on my part to get this thing off the ground but I’ll do what I need to do. I want to incorporate my fiance in this in some way too. He’s big into exercise and working out. I remember about a month ago, I told him that I wanted to volunteer somewhere and he told me absolutely not, that I barely have enough time for him as it is. If this is something we can do together it’ll take care of two things at once…we’ll spend time together and these kids will be exposed to working out as well. I’m not even going to tell him about this until I’ve got all of this put together that I need to put together, the business end of it I mean because he won’t even hear it out unless I’ve got all of that together.

This is going to be so amazing once all of this is in place and I’m so excited about it. 🙂

Have a blessed night