Hello Dear Readers ☺

I decided earlier to do a passed life regression meditation. This is going to be brief because I’m on my phone writing this, I can’t get my computer to work right now for some reason.

In this meditation it was a guided hypnosis. We all have the info I was able to retrieve in my subconscious, it’s just a question of how unhinged you’re willing to become with reality and how deeply in your subconscious you’re willing to go.

In this “vision” or “meditation”or whatever you’d like to call it, I looked down and I was barefoot, standing on a wheat field. I was wearing a brown dress and was wearing a brown plaid apron and had a white Dutch hat on my head. I got the impression it was 1800s Holland. My name was Theresa, I couldn’t get a last name. I ran across the field I was in and walked into this house. There was a man sitting at the table drinking a beer and I got very angry when I laid eyes in this man but I can’t tell you why, I just remember the feeling clearly of anger. He had long black hair and it was braided.

This is the closest thing (this is pretty close though, almost exactly what I was wearing) that I could find online. I searched “1800s Holland fashion” and I found these things.

The hat I was wearing wasn’t made of lace though, it was a solid material like cotton or something. It was white in color.

I’m going to have to do this more times to get more info but I feel like it’s a good start ☺

Sending you all LOVE and LIGHT and TRUTH!!