Hello Dear Readers 🙂

I’m at a bit of a lull right now between activities on my vacation, my sister and brother in law are at work and I’m at my sister’s right now, so this was a perfect opportunity to write about something that has always resonated with me in a very spiritual way.


This movie is about two sisters who are from a magical upbringing. Their ancestor who was the “first witch” of the family fell in love with a man. She became pregnant by this man and then he died. She gave birth to their baby heart broken and screaming in emotional and physical pain. In order to protect those that came after her in the family from the same heartbreak that she felt, she placed a curse on all the women in their family that ensured that if any of them fell in love with a man that the man would die. The way that the women in the family would know that the man they loved was going to die was they would hear the “death beetle” make its’ noise.

The sisters, “Jilly” (Nicole Kidman) who is the red headed sister and “Sally” (Sandra Bullock) who is the brunette sister are three generations after the “first witch”. When they were children their father was killed by the curse and their mother died of a broken heart. When their parents died they moved in with “the aunts” who were still practicing witches. Because of what happened to their parents the sisters approached dealing with it and healing from it in different ways. Sally did a spell when she was a child to never fall in love. She wrote a spell that called on a man who “couldn’t possibly exist because he was too perfect”. The spell called for a man who had one green eye and one blue.


The sisters would always get picked on by the neighborhood children for being different and living in a magical household and getting raised by magical aunts.


The aunts did a spell when Sally became an adult to counteract the spell she did as a child and enabled her to fall in love. The man she married and had two children with weren’t protected from the curse though and he was killed. The man she married though didn’t have one green eye and one blue eye, he had brown eyes. Sally then turned around with her two girls (who are also a brunette and a red head :-)) and moved in with the aunts.

Jilly was always a “lose canon” in a way, going through life lost and following the wind more than anything else. When an adult she got into an incredibly abusive relationship with a man named “Jimmy Angelo”. The sisters had done a “blood binding” when they were children, where they cut their palm and mixed their blood. It’s through the scar on each of their hands that they can sense each other from across the room or across the country, wherever they may be in the world they sense each other through this scar. One night Sally was laying in bed looking at her scar on her palm, tickling it with her finger and said “Jilly” out loud. Right when she said her sister’s name her phone rang and it was her sister in serious trouble with this man she got into a relationship with.


This was what he kept saying when he got in the car with the sisters, “I’m very into sisters right now.” Creeeeepy

When Sally got to her sister he followed her and got in the car too. On the car ride this man tried to choke her sister and tried to “brand” her, using a lighter and a very wide ring he was wearing. Sally tried to give him belladonna, which is a sedative and people use it to help them sleep. She was trying to just knock out this Jimmy Angelo person but she gave him too much and he ended up getting killed. They resurrected him when they got back to the aunt’s house but he came back wrong and tried to kill her sister a third time, so they had to kill him again. They buried him in the yard on the aunt’s property.

But of course, a rotten soul is a rotten soul and he came back to haunt the sisters. Different things would happen, roses would grow right over where he was buried, the tequilla bottle that he was drinking out of the night he died was found sitting on their porch which the aunts used to make “midnight margaritas” one night. Eventually, Jilly became possessed by the spirit of this man and the aunts and Sally had to get the spirit out of her.


They successfully exorcised the evil spirit out of Jilly’s body and all was well again. A homicide detective investigated the girls because of the murder of Jimmy Angelo but he ended up being the man that Sally called for when she was a child. He had one green eye and one blue 🙂 They fell in love and the curse was broken, and the sisters never heard the sound of the “Death Beetle” again.


I tried to keep that as short as possible but I knew you all needed to have an understanding of the movie.

My older sister and I are INCREDIBLY similar to not only the personalities of the sisters in the movie, but the way they look, they way they dress, the way they carry themselves…


Dealing with what we had to deal with growing up and taking our personalities into account, my sister and I are total polar opposites in many ways. She’s more outgoing, I’m more reserved. She likes to party a lot, I’d rather be sitting at home with a book. She is very adventurous and I’m very cautious. But when it comes down to it, each of us are the only person in the world that the other one has that fully understands what it’s like to make it through something like this.

When I came home I discussed with my sister all of the chakra clearing meditations I’ve been doing because my heart and throat chakras were totally blocked. She told me about this woman who came up to her one day at a blood drive and told my sister that her chakras were blocked and they were making her sick. This woman did some kind of meditation over them (I’m guessing she was a Reiki healer but I can’t know for sure) and my sister told me after this woman did this meditation over her she actually became physically dizzy and had to sit down. She was told by this woman that her heart chakra was blocked. It’s not at all surprising that she would have the same kind of issue that I do. We may be totally different in a lot of ways but in that respect we’re identical.

I would say ever since I moved to Michigan back in 2007, it became hard for me to watch this movie. I have this movie at home but I never brought myself to watch it because whenever I did I would get sad and cry, being so far away from my sister. It would always make me sad if I watched it knowing my sister was far away and not within “reachable” distance. She suggested watching it last night after we celebrated my grandfather’s birthday (We made a cake for him and everything) 🙂 I figured as long as she was sitting here with me it would be okay to watch it. There were still some tears, hehe 🙂 But not nearly as bad or as long if I was watching it alone.

I think that’s all for now. I’m about to get ready to go have a couple of drinks with some friends, I’m flying home in 2 days and so I’m trying to make my rounds as much as I can and see as many people as possible 🙂

Sending you all LOVE and LIGHT and RESONANCE 🙂