Hello Dear Readers

I apologize for the delay in my writing. After I posted that I was going to be publishing this article some things happened that had me delayed. I’m in an incredibly transitional time in my life and things have been going up and down. Sometimes it’s little waves and sometimes it’s a tsunami, and last night was for sure a tsunami and had me distracted.

Anyway, like I said on my post on Facebook some events yesterday that transpired before the tsunami type of issue I had last night had me thinking. As a nurse, you write “care plans” for your patients. In it is long term goals and short term goals. Here’s an example of a care plan:


This is essentially a “skeleton” of what a nursing care plan would look like. Now, please keep in mind that you must remain flexible when discussing the “spiritual health” of a person as far as time frames go, so they will be a bit different.

Nursing has come a long way as far as acknowledging the spiritual health of a person, please don’t misunderstand me. They even teach classes in nursing programs now solely dedicated to the spiritual health of a person. What they say though in these classes is extremely vague and I feel doesn’t exactly tap into the soul in its’ entirety, especially when discussing the health of that soul (health meaning “wholeness” of course). Here’s an example of the kind of “spiritual care plans” I’m talking about:


So as you can see, this is NOT an exact science at all. It all has to do with looking within ourselves, to discover how we connect with our soul the most. This is not a one size fits all situation when talking about these things. And I also realize that I didn’t put a time frame on the second goal. I did that purposely. There are some people who open up very fast as far as their chakras and energy bodies (aura) goes, and other people never get there. It all depends on the individual. 

Here is some imagery to help you understand what I’m talking about as far as the chakras and different bodies go:


7 Chakras: The key to well balanced spiritual health



Auric Bodies and Chakras: All Must Balance Together

In my “spiritual care plan” that I created the issue was a blocked heart chakra. The heart chakra has to do with love and healing. So, if you’ve got a blocked heart chakra it means that you have healing to do about something. That can mean a bad relationship, the death of a loved one, abuse, etc. The “implementations” that I put on the care plan ALL assist in a healing way. Meditation also helps tremendously when trying to assess the problem that is causing your heart chakra to be blocked.

What I envision is whatever the issue is for the person as far as a spiritual aspect goes I want it to be addressed the way physical issues are addressed in typical nursing care plans. We’re talking about the soul now.

This was a very brief and to the point article 🙂

I hope you all have a blessed day, and I’m sending you all major LOVE and LIGHT and HEALING!!!! 🙂