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I found this picture of me. I was 19 in this photo and I am 29 now. When I first moved back to my hometown, I had this picture pinned to a white board with a magnet and I would sit on the side of my bed and look at it everyday having a conversation with myself in my head (meaning me at this age and me now). As soon as I saw this picture there was a automatic resonance in my heart chakra because I look at this time in my life as my “square one” in my adult life spiritually. So many things would go through my mind each passing minute looking at this picture. “If I knew then what I know now”, “You thought you had it all figured out”, “The things you were running away from is what caused you to be in an abusive relationship”, “Your heart and throat chakras were totally blocked which was what caused a long time theme of being silenced”.

The things I’m going to be discussing are VERY private infos that only close friends know, but I think it would help some people and maybe open up other people’s consciousness.


This picture was right before I moved away from the state I grew up in and moved out of state to go to school. I can tell you exactly what was going through my mind when this picture was taken: positive vibes, excitement, promise, and mainly to get away from all of the things I was going through in my home state at the time. We’ve all been that incredibly naive 19 year old who thinks we’ve got the whole world figured out at one point or another, right? 🙂

Let me introduce you all to a concept that the ancient people knew VERY well, but it was eradicated from societal knowledge to keep people “programmed”, “not enlightened” and “conformists”. The concept is about twin souls. We all have a “mirror self” of the opposite sex, whether they’re incarnated on this planet at the same time we are or not. Your other half may be in spirit when you’re incarnated. It all depends on your own life plan that you all agreed upon prior to being incarnated and NO twin flame story is identical to another one. I feel that my cosmic counterpart is in spirit, and I don’t know what his identity is but I feel his presence a lot more frequently now that I’ve removed myself from the situation I moved away from in my last relationship. The connection is always there in every way with twin souls but because of the negative energy that was surrounding me my perception was clouded and blocked. My aura has been slowly activated as time goes on. I was going to provide links to you all with information on this topic, but there are so many FALSE infos out there on this that I’m not even going to bother. Here are some things that are out there that make me angry because these things are totally untrue:

  • The concept of “a runner” in a twin flame relationship: People say that sometimes in a twin soul relationship one half is “a runner”. The infos out there on the web say that this “runner” becomes frightened and overwhelmed when meeting their twin soul counterpart and “run” away from it. IT DOES NOT WORK THIS WAY.
  • People who look NOTHING alike saying that they’re “twin souls” and charge people for helping them “find their counterpart.” This is the worst of the worst as this is IMPOSSIBLE to have another person make that connection for you!!! The only way to make a connection with your twin soul is to look WITHIN YOURSELF, as your twin soul is the other half of your own soul. There is a masculine and feminine counterpart to each soul that exists. Meaning, the best way to connect with the other part of yourself is to connect with your own spirituality, chakras and consciousness.
  • Twin soul lifetimes are completely opposite of each other in each incarnation. Twin souls have many parallels between both the feminine and masculine incarnations of that soul. It’s kind of like a DNA strand, how they cross over each other and then go different ways and then cross over each other again and then go different ways. So in order to strengthen your connection with YOUR OTHER HALF, whether they’re incarnated right now or not is to do what comes naturally to you. In my case I’m in the medical field so I’m sure my twin soul has many incarnations in that area of study as I’m sure I do as well in different incarnations.

Long before I had knowledge on this subject I always had a connection to the spirit world. Every single person has that connection as well but it gets shoved down into our subconscious, never to see the light of day again. Mine was never shoved down and was always very much present in my life and in my conscious mind. That’s what I mean by “programming” by society. Independent free thinking and uniqueness and originality on these topics are always hidden in a very public way and manipulated by the people who run this country to conform people’s thought processes to what makes them more powerful.

Think about it….how many people call the person they’re with “their other half”? Where do you think that saying came from? Or the idea of necklaces where you keep one half of a heart and give the other person the other half? All of these things are rooted in this basic truth and God given rights that each of us have, which is to be reconnected with your Twin Soul.

19 year old me on the left, 29 year old me on the right. When I look at the comparison it’s very clear to me. Twin souls look more and more like each other as time goes on. Same hair color, same eye color, same skin tone, etc. My face has changed in the last 10 years a lot. My eyes have gotten a lot bigger in the passed ten years, my natural hair color meaning the color at the roots is a lot darker, etc. The color of my hair in the picture on the right is my natural color.

It’s been about 7 months since I first learned about this truth and the pathway to the other half of me was opened up. The more time that goes on and the more things that are healed within my soul, the stronger the connection becomes with the other half of my soul.

On Halloween night 2016, I was driving to work. As I was turning something manifested in my line of sight. I thought there was something wrong with my eyes at first. I had my eyes checked and my eyes were fine and there was no degenerative issues to cause me to see something like this. This is the closest to what I saw:


It was close to the ground and the skies were totally clear that night. The night before I had a dream. I’ve said numerous times on this blog already and have PROOF of how accurate my dreams are. In the dream I was at my old college campus and was putting things in my car. I looked up at the night sky and there were all these stars and swirls of stars all around, and it looked totally like an inter galactic light show. The moon was big in the sky and full. Then it was as if the Earth was being hurled towards the moon because the moon in the sky kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Then this extremely loud “BANG” happened. It was so loud that it took the roof of my car completely off. Right after that I woke up. The next day I began seeing auras and angel lights. When you see angel lights, it’s like “light sparkles” that manifest in your line of vision. It looks like there’s glitter suspended mid air. My skills were opening up EXTREMELY quickly and my abilities weren’t contained or limited to my dreams anymore. I was seeing things, feeling things and hearing things when I was totally awake and conscious and aware. You ready for the crazy part? I borrowed these 2 pictures from my friend Susan Elsa’s blog about this subject. Check out the comparison between what I saw and this:

The bottom picture is what I saw and the other two are “Kundalini Light Bulbs”. This knowledge is rooted in Ancient Egyptian spiritual truths. I knew nothing about these things mind you….and I saw this. It’s very much about twin souls and the union of them.

A few months later I was at my friend’s house sitting on the couch. Out of nowhere, it came from above my head and were slowly falling around me and fading in and out, all of these lights falling all over my aura. The best way I could describe it is a “shower of light.” It lasted about 10 seconds and the whole time it was happening I looked at my friend a few times to see if she was seeing what I was seeing. She didn’t see it at all. Twin souls share the SAME AURA, as they’re of the same soul. A second after the lights stopped I felt an EXTREMELY intense feeling of warmth and love and protection. This was the first contact in my conscious life with my cosmic counterpart. A week or so later I had another dream. It was him. We were just looking into each other’s eyes and I totally saw my eyes in his….like I was looking into my own eyes in a way.




I found out later, whether it was my ex fiance or my sister or mom, that whenever I was sleeping I would “giggle and laugh” or “mumble and have conversations” in my sleep. I’m sure that was my twin soul in my dreams. After these occurrences nothing else happened for a while because my focus was completely and totally into the issues with my ex fiance. I would still see things and my perception was as open as it possibly could be, meaning I would still see angel lights and I would see my grandfather when he would come check on me…..but it was very minimal compared to what it was previously.

It took a long time for me to make these connections, but I would always have illnesses when I was younger growing up. It was when I was around negative energies it would manifest within me physically. It was very recently that I connected those dots. And I know what you’re thinking and no, these angel lights and auras and things that I see aren’t an “aura” in a medical sense. I’m a licensed nurse and have had those types of “auras” before my migraines before…..what I’m discussing is totally different.

Recently my dad called me and wanted me to go see him. I was a bit nervous because I knew I was going to see my father who emanates a very negative energy. I was getting ready and the “shower of light” happened again as I was standing in my bathroom. It was different than anything else I’ve seen other than the time at my friend’s house. When I see angel lights or auras or energy or other souls, it’s close to me but it’s not IN my aura. These two times it was completely within my own aura….meaning the only way that could happen is if it was my own soul that I was seeing. The only way that could happen is if it was my twin soul in spirit, as we share the same aura. It was for about 10 seconds and then after I saw that I got the same feeling as the first time. It was a very intense feeling of love and protection and warmth. So I went to go see my dad and on my way home I was preparing for the physical symptoms that I thought I was going to experience. I got NO physical symptoms this time……..it wasn’t until after a couple of hours and I still didn’t have any physical symptoms that I realized what that encounter was for. It was like whatever holes in my aura were “patched” in a way by that connection I had with him in that moment and it protected me from feeling these things this time around. When you have negative energy around you constantly, or are constantly stressed or you still have things you have to heal from you tend to have “holes” in your aura….leaving you especially susceptible to psychic and energetic attacks from negative energy and energy vampires. When I had that experience that day it was bolstering and strengthening my aura, so I didn’t have an effect from the negative energy from my father.

In the case of twin soul connections you’re always connected to the other’s emotions. That must’ve been what he picked up on and that’s why he came and bolstered my aura in preparation of me seeing my father. Like I said, he “patched” the holes so I wouldn’t get affected by the negative energies.

I know these concepts are very complex and outside of a “normal societal viewpoint”, but regardless this is the SIMPLE and clear yet totally layered and complex spiritual truth of ALL of us. Be thoughtful about your choices and what you do in your life because whatever you do it effects your counterpart.


This is all for now Dear Readers 🙂

I’m sending you all major LOVE and LIGHT and TWIN SOUL VIBES ❤ ❤ ❤