Hello Dear Readers 🙂

I’ve been taking a break from blogging, focusing on personal reflections and spiritual insights and very important projects. This was important enough of a topic though to write about because I’m calling out all of you shitty people that continue to try and mess with me and my soul and my life purpose and mission and exposing your sorry asses. There’s definitely been a very strong internal healing focus going on within me in way more ways than one. When this happens your perception opens wide and very quickly. My heart chakra is very open now and is feeling and perceiving things that are amazing and very insightful, but I’ve also been perceiving things that I may not want to perceive. You can’t decide which things you’re going to perceive and see and feel and which things you’re not. That’s definitely one of the down sides of this kind of gift not being able to tune out the negative things but being in tune with the positive. It’s either all or nothing.

Lately since being on the right track and in tune completely with my life purpose of being here incarnated on this planet at this time I’ve experienced MANY interferences and outside forces trying to stop me from continuing, attempting to throw themselves in my way. Even when you see the negative things but don’t allow them into your aura and personal “energy bubble” and purposely ignore them these pathetic excuses of people FORCE themselves into your view and there’s no way you can ignore them when they’re intensely trying to distract you from your projects and your goals, literally against your will forcing you to focus on their negativity. It’s almost like an “energetic rape” in a way because they literally try to FORCE themselves into your view against your will. This is a way for them to try and steal your energy and your light because they’re very low on the vibrational scale of energy. The closer you become to being in tune with your life plan and life purpose and the more open your perception becomes your energy rises incredibly high and very quickly. It wasn’t until I decided to work on the projects I’m working on now that I started experiencing these interferences of people trying to stop me from proceeding.

I realized the other day that my personal Facebook account had been hacked. I figured it out because I received a message from a person that was trying to emotionally mess with me. After receiving that message I went on my friend’s list looking for his name to delete and block him to prevent further contact and I found 91 fake friend profiles on my friend’s list. All of these fake profiles except for 3 were all names of my ACTUAL friends on my friend’s list but they were duplicate accounts of my friend’s accounts. All of the duplicate accounts had no friends and no photo, and when I clicked on “unfriend” the “add friend” option didn’t pop up in its’ place, it was just the name after that and it was blank where I clicked “unfriend”. All of these accounts were BOTS and an attempt to keep tabs on me and watch what I’m doing, and that’s why they inserted these things internally within my own personal account.

I’ve got another Facebook page that I created for Michael Jackson and it’s linked to my blog for him. I analyze his music videos looking at the symbolism involved in each one, and do the research and break down his videos for his fans. The people and forces that were responsible for all of the false accusations against him and the HELL he experienced in his incarnation as Michael Jackson don’t want the truth to be told about him and whenever it is they try to interfere. My blog for Michael has been hacked before and they put viruses on my links so when my followers would click on them they would get viruses and it’s an attempt to make people not trust me and not listen to what I’ve got to say. They’ve overloaded my blog with spam comments before, like 60+ spam comments overnight in an attempt to slow my page down so it won’t load. And that’s just the surface of the way they’ve tried to mess with me because I speak the truth and spread the truth about Michael.

So later that night after I realized I was hacked I was on the phone with one of my friends and she’s experienced this hacking in a very heavy way because of her connections with Michael. She was telling me that she took screen shots of evidence of the hacking she’s experienced before and that they went into her hard drive somehow and tampered with and altered the evidence photos. Before we hung up, I looked at my pictures and the screenshots for evidence that I took of me being hacked had been deleted off of my phone. She was just telling me about what happened with her evidence and mine was deleted before we hung up. They were sending me a message that it was the people that were involved in the sabotage of Michael that hacked me and continue to try and mess with me. Right when I saw that the evidence was gone I got a very intense pain in my heart chakra, like a stabbing sucking kind of pain. They were trying to take my energy because my energy has increased in a very big way since deciding to do these projects about my own spirituality and spiritual talents and gifts, and there is a definite twin soul spin to it all.

We hung up and I did a meditation to block further spiritual attack and went to sleep, and when I woke up I made this post on my lightworkers page I created and run on Facebook about what had happened that night:


4 minutes later, I got a message on my page for Michael cursing me out….


Look at the times….I’m pretty sure the message I got on my page for Michael is a bot as well, a fake profile made to solely mess with me…..

I wanted to write this post to raise people’s awareness of the fact, that because of these intense interferences that I’ve been receiving since working on these things that they’re just proving to me how powerful these projects will be and how many people they will help once finished. Like I said, they are FORCING themselves into my view because they ARE MADE OF SHADOW and try to steal energy from people that are made of light.

I cannot wait until all of these things are released to the public and can start to help others……I think you all will love them 🙂

I’ve got lots of work to do so I’m going to go. I just wanted to bring attention to the things I’ve been experiencing and dealing with since deciding to do these things.

Sending you all major LOVE and LIGHT and TRUTH 🙂


Look closely and feel my spiritual power and energy rising so far above you bottom feeders you’ll need a rocket to reach me…Your eyes are the windows to your soul so read between the lines of what my soul is telling you sons of bitches in this picture