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Hello Dear Readers 😉

This article is not part of the 3-article series I’m working on, but I suddenly felt all of this love energy around me coming from my grandfather right after I made a tribute post to him on my personal Facebook about 20 minutes ago. He is ALWAYS around, helping and guiding me and is a constant presence, but sometimes his presence has more power behind it and today it’s especially strong. I felt inspired to maybe help some of you who wish to have contact with loved ones of your own that are in spirit but have blocks, or some kind of energy “bottle necking” that’s stopping you from making contact. There is no exact science to this, and each person and relationship is individual. All I can do is tell you all my own story and maybe you can find some inspiration and helpful infos within it. 🙂

The key to this sort of contact is about FEELING, not THINKING. You need to allow yourself to open up energetically through your heart chakra, like an energy beacon. The more open your heart chakra is the more open your perception will be. The third eye chakra is of importance as well obviously, but they all need to be working in harmony with each other. Everything needs to be working together like a circuit on a machine. Just like a braker box. Your heart chakra is the “centre” of it all and connects everything with everything else. Without that it’s hopeless to have any sort of connection. What people fail to realize is your heart chakra is kind of like your energetic “telephone”, not just with the spirit world but with the living as well. And if you’re a person that has a tendency to be blocked energetically, or shielded whether conscious or not, you are not going to be making OR receiving any calls. You will have a “dead phone line” if you will, not serving its purpose and simply existing, not functioning. I know this because that’s what I had for 20 years and only recently, less than 6 months, my blocks finally began to clear and contact was made possible with my grandfather again. He passed when I was 8 turning 9 and it’s so hard for me to believe that he’s been gone 20 years already. I’m so thankful that God let me have him in my life even for the short amount of time I had him. In those 4 years that I was living with him he gave me more than I could’ve ever asked for and I totally count myself as one of the lucky ones to even have experienced that kind of love and protection. And like I said, he’s still protecting and helping me constantly and will always be there for me. That kind of “heart connection” transcends all spiritual planes, all time and space and death is NOT an end to those things.

Through the years prior to my spiritual “awakening and connecting” if you will, there were always signs all over. The main way he would use to communicate with me was dream time. Whenever things were rough or I was having issues, or he sensed that I needed to see him he would show himself in my dreams. I remember vividly, about 9 years ago I had 3 dreams with him in a row one week and they were TOTALLY vivid (my dreams always are but these for some reason were especially) and he was still alive in these dreams…..it was just everyday life the way it was in my waking life, but it was totally different because he was still here with me. Through the years, typically right before I would fall asleep I would feel this tingling sensation on my leg……that was him letting me know he’s still around although I didn’t realize that until I started to open up spiritually.

When things finally started to open up for me, which was like I said about 5 1/2 months ago that’s when things started to get very strong as far as the energetic perception. I remember one day, I was parked in a bank parking lot avoiding going home because my ex fiance and I were fighting constantly at that point. I was chatting with a friend earlier that day who happens to be a psychic medium and my grandfather came through to her as we were chatting. She became SO emotional so quickly she had to step out for a bit because she felt how intense the love was he has for me…..I was totally floored. When she came back she told me that “He says to relax and let him hug you”…..so I relaxed, as much as was possible in that moment, and then suddenly I felt this tingle on my leg…..that’s when it all clicked with me what that tingling on my leg was for all these years!!! So later that day as I was sitting in the bank parking lot sobbing trying to deal with what had just occurred. I was just talking out loud to him and being totally honest. I apologized for blocking him all these years and I didn’t mean to, and I’m so thankful that he didn’t give up trying to make contact and it’s totally different now. Then suddenly I felt this EXTREME warmth and calming around my heart and I stopped crying instantly, and it was totally replaced with love and serenity.

Then when I was going through trying to decide whether or not to leave my ex fiance he was totally present and helping. One night I had this dream where I was in a house with 2 other guys. I had my tarot cards sitting on the coffee table in the middle of the room out of the box. The cards just kept flying off the deck at random, and one of the guys asked me why they were doing that. I told him “Oh, it’s my grandfather. Whenever he wants to communicate with me he uses the cards.” He said “Oh okay” and walked away and I walked into the kitchen. A few minutes later he ran back into the kitchen holding the ’10’ card and super energized and excited, practically jumping up and down saying “It did it again!!” I wasn’t sure why he was so excited about it but I just took the card from him and went and sat in the other room with the 2 of them. When I sat down we started to discuss some things, and then I remember FEELING my grandfather standing behind me…like he was standing next to my bed as I was having this dream. In the dream I started to turn my head to the right because I felt him behind me and was about to look at him and my dog started howling and it woke me up. Out of curiosity I went to my tarot card book to look at the meaning of the ’10’ card. It was totally my answer that I was going back and forth about as to whether or not to leave my fiance.

I have two different tarot card decks so I checked the meaning in both of them. In my angel cards deck this was what the “10” card meant:

10: The Wheel (Archangel Michael)

The angels sent you this card because of positive changes occurring in your life. Expect and enjoy beneficial opportunities as they present themselves. This is an optimal time to make big and small changes. Take the leap with knowledge that everything will work out well for you. Old blocks are lifting, and now everything moves forward quickly. If recent events shook your faith, you’ll now see how they were actually positive for you. Rapid advancement is likely now. Good luck. A happy accident. Balanced karma. A miracle. A twist of fate. Destiny. Archangel Michael is the supreme protecting angel who walks beside you through changes, giving you courage, strength and self-confidence. Call upon Michael whenever you’d like specific guidance about your next steps, especially if it’s connected to your life purpose or spiritual path.

This was what the other deck’s “10” card meant:

10: The Wheel of Fortune

The circle of life, and of fate, spins on this card of changes. Below the wheel lurks the serpent of deep, dark times. Above it is the sphinx of airy freedom and insight. This reminds us that fortune can turn either way, but both have much to teach us. Jupiter, planet of golden luck, is also linked to this card. (My zodiac sign, Sagittarius, is also ruled by Jupiter)

Love Reading:

The wheel of fortune is turning now, and moving you away from the people and the situations that have been hurting your heart. And, tempting though it is to cling to familiar feelings and faces, even ones that are bad for you, the strongest message of this card is one of letting go, and looking forward. You should also be leaving past love mistakes behind and trying a new love-style. This is one that adds self-respect to an element of mystery, and stops you rushing into requests for commitment before either side is ready.

Life Reading:

Change is natural, sometimes unstoppable – so it’s good to deal with it. Welcoming it puts you in a stronger position. For at last difficult times are now being left behind as you spin in a new direction, towards new opportunities. Please, open your mind, and your heart, to change. The biggest mistake you can make is to cling too tightly to old, safe ideas – you will miss exciting new ones.

And, if all of this wasn’t enough of a push for me just to make SURE that I heard the message, true to my grandfather’s style……I had a photo of my ex and I hanging on the wall right next to my nightstand. After I read the meaning of the cards in the books I walked in front of my nightstand and was facing the photo and then suddenly, it went FLYING off the wall and landed behind the nightstand. He was totally clear that the way I was treated was NOT okay with him and he finally had contact with me again, and is using it fully to let me know that, lolol 🙂

I hope that this gave some of you inspiration for your own spiritual journeys and to help you if you feel like you’re on the verge of giving up hope for connecting with your loved ones. I can tell you first hand that they’re always present, we just have to be willing to be aware of it.



I’m sending you all major LOVE and LIGHT and HEART CENTRED FOCUS 😉