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Hello Dear Readers 🙂

As I posted on my Lightworkers page on Facebook, this article is going to be about spiritual guidance that I received recently that led me to uncover a wealth of infos about my spiritual path, my twin soul journey and my spiritual truth. This is the first of a 3-part series of articles that will be published in the upcoming days 🙂 I’m breaking it up this way because there’s way too much infos to put into one article.


This was my dog “Ace”

This was my dog I had when I lived with my ex fiance in Texas. I was working night shift as a private duty nurse in home health at the time, 7pm to 7 am. Every morning when I would come home my dogs would come running to the door to greet me. That morning though, 2 of my dogs ran to the door to greet me and then a few seconds later, Ace comes into the dining room to try to get to me and dragging his back legs. He couldn’t walk and was paralyzed from his hips down. There was a very specific and particular whine that he was making that was unmistakable. He was clearly in agony and an extreme amount of pain. I instantly started to panic and my ex and I got him in the car and rushed him to an emergency vet. They of course told us that they couldn’t do anything for him and referred us to a vet that specialized in this kind of issue for dogs. This vet was 4 hours away from where we lived. So we got in the car again and rushed him 4 hours away to this vet. They evaluated him for about 10 minutes and then rushed him into surgery. It turned out he had herniated discs in his back which caused a blood clot to press on his spinal cord causing paralysis. They did the surgery and about a week later he came home. The vet taught me how to check his deep tendon reflexes in case this was ever an issue again. 2.5 months after the surgery I was getting up for the day one morning and I heard that same unmistakable whine come out of his mouth. I knew instantly what it meant, that he was facing the same issue. I checked his reflexes and sure enough I was right. Typically when you check a deep tendon reflex for dogs, you pick up one of their feet and bend their toes, kind of like trying to make a fist with their foot when placing it on the ground. If their deep tendon reflexes are in tact the dog will automatically correct the position of their foot. When I checked his he didn’t do anything to his foot, he just left it in that position. I took him to his regular vet that was local and my ex had to go to work. They did x-rays on my dog’s back and in a totally different part of his spine 3 more discs herniated. I couldn’t afford to do another surgery for him, and even if I could his vet told me that this was going to be a recurring issue for him and he would just have surgery after surgery until he was eventually crippled and in agony all the time. I had to make the decision myself to have him euthanized. This was the only thing that was merciful to do. I refused to leave the room and insisted that I be with him when they did it. I hugged him and kissed him and told him how sorry I was and that I’ll always love him. He licked my face, laid his head in my lap and then it was over. It took me no less than 6 months before I could even think about him without breaking down in tears. It seriously took something out of me for a while, like I didn’t feel whole. My dogs have ALWAYS been like my children and I feel like each of them have a part of me. They made a paw print of his paw for me in clay and I got his ashes. It’s a little display I’ve got in honor of him on my bookshelf…..the collar he was wearing, his ashes and his paw print.


My display for Ace in my apartment

So, let’s fast forward to the now. About 2 and a half weeks ago Ace came to me in a dream. When I woke up I was very confused by what occurred in the dream, and everyone I told about it just kept saying either “You still feel guilty for having to put him down” or “He’s just letting you know he’s still around”…..In this dream him and I were speaking telepathically. His voice was very deep but soothing, and he kept telling me to light him on fire. I didn’t want to do this and kept refusing his request but he was so totally persistent that finally I did. That was the door finally opening for me to recognize my cosmic counterpart, and start to see all of these parallels between him and I. Right when I moved back to New York it occurred to me then about 3 months ago to look at the photos but I kept talking myself out of it. I still had a lot of healing to do at that point and a lot of work within myself. I wasn’t ready yet.

A couple of days ago I was chatting privately with a friend and I was showing her some evidence photos that I’ve compiled and all that. She asked me if I minded if she calculated my birthdate and his birthdate with the Mayan calendar. You do this to see how compatable your energies are with another person. She did the calculations and was TOTALLY shocked with what she saw. Him and I are EXACTLY the same…..we’ve got the same break down and the same tone and everything. She told me that she’s never seen that in front of her before and him and I have totally the same energy. This is the most interesting part though: When reading my OWN calculations that she put together, it says that my spirit guide is “the white dog”….Instantly when I read that the light bulb went off and I knew EXACTLY what that dream was!!! It was my spirit guide opening the door for me to finally recognize the other part of myself, the male side of my energy and soul.



This was so totally precise and spot on to what I was uncovering the passed few weeks in regards to my twin soul journey that it completely floored me. One thing is completely and totally for certain: God works in fantastic, marvelous and mysterious ways. This is it for now 🙂 I will be writing more tonight and tomorrow for the rest of the articles 😉

Sending you all major LOVE and LIGHT and TWIN SOUL FOCUS 😉